June New Moon – June 9th

June – New Moon   

The New Moon - The Maiden

The New Moon – The Maiden

June 9th, 2013 at  04:33:38 mountain time

What does the New Moon mean?  Scientifically it means the earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon this usually happens once a month, but if it happens twice in a month the second New Moon is called a Black Moon, the next Black Moon will be on March, 30, 2014.

To the naked eye the moon will appear to be dark for three days, and reaches its peak power on the second day. So plan your work on this day when energies are highest.  Traditionally this time of the moon’s cycle is the time of rest, but magickal work can also be done with this theme in mind.

Rituals and spells related to cleansing, or consrating sacred spaces are especially effective this time of the month, as well as magickal worked supporting inner harmony and peace.  So in other words this time of the month is designed for rest and inner work and save work for the rest of the world and universe for other moon phases

The June New Moon is the time of early harvest from your garden.  This garden can actually be the kind that grows in the ground or the one in your mind and spiritual garden.  Take survey of what is working for you in your previous rituals and decide if there is anything you need to asjust.  Make a list of things that haven’t worked out as you had hoped and devise a new plan.  Call the Goddess to your side to assist you with your path decisions.  Write down the the areas that need ajustment and correct course.  This new moon is in the astrogolical sign of Gemini so by all means take advantage of that opportunity.

June New Moon Ritual -

Gather your information that you want to change or adjust.  Specifically think about the areas where you can join your body, mind and spiritual elements of the area you need to improve upon, areas that you have worked on and are still not up to its potential.  Like for instance I am working on exercising more, the thing that gets in my way is my mind – always thinking of things that need to be ‘done’ right now, and pretty soon its too late to go exercise.  So this is a perfect time to actually combine the two my mind & my body. To empower the connection to them both to will be a dynamic way to cause a much needed change.
What you need:
The paper you wrote down your area of change needed.
Some incense either in solid form of loose.  (I like loose and sprinkle some on the burning candle). You can use Anise as it is a wonderful herb for change, as it raises your vibration to allow the universe to provide. 
Step 1:
Cast a Circle
 Step 2: 
Find the moon and face the moon and say, “Goddess, I welcome you?”
Step 3:
Light the candle and place it in the middle of your circle.  While you light the candle you can either say out loud whats on you paper or you can say it to your heart.
Step 4:
Stand in Goddess Position and say “Make it So” or you can say “Mote it Be”. Then pull your arms in and stand in God position.  While you change positions feel the change consume you starting in your heart and working out into your aura.
Step 5:
Close the circle
Step 6: 
 I like to bury the paper with your intention on it in the garden to allow it to ‘grow’.
Enjoy your Ritual !
Mote it Be !

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May Full Moon

May Full Moon  May 24

She rises at 21:27 (9:27 pm)

The Triple Goddess Moon

Maiden, Mother, Crone

There are many names for each Full Moon in any given  month and that is dependent upon which Archetype you follow.   Even with in Wicca there are differing names for the Full Moons.   The shear idea that we name the moons makes it obvious that we know deep in our souls that the Moon has special significance and power in our lives.  If you go to an Emergency Room you may hear on a busy night a nurse exclaim, “It must be a Full Moon.”  We instinctively  know the power the Full Moon has on our earth and on us. The moon regulates the flow and ebb of the ocean, the giver of life. In Witchcraft we believe that the moon is the Goddess and the Sun is the God.   The sign for the Goddess is three moons  in Her waxing phase – Maiden, in Her full phase Mother, and  in Her waning phase – Crone.  She is the giver of life, the reason we are all here.


Names of the May Full Moon

In Medieval England She was called the Hare Moon, Neo Pagan’s call Her the Grass Moon,  Celtic tradition call Her the Bright Moon,  Cherokee call Her the Planting Moon,  Farmer’s Almanac call Her the Flower Moon and Some have called her  the Corn Plantings Moon and the Milk Moon.

The explosion of spring colors have been tossed around the earth everywhere we look we see flowers, new leaves the birth is completed and we celebrate our Goddess for a job well done. Give thanks to the abundance that is bestowed upon us once again as the Wheel turns.

Full Moon Manifesting Prosperity Ritual:

Before you preform the ritual you need to do some work before hand.  You need to decide in what part of your life you want add prosperity.  Most of us think of prosperity as getting more money, but you can also have prosperous love life, prosperity in your relationships, prosperity in your career, there are many different areas where you can have prosperity.  Once you decide on the area of your life you want prosperity look for tangible items that represent the prosperity.  Example:  If you want more love in your life,  look for hearts, or magazine pictures of  ’happy couples’ depending how you want the prosperity to manifest.  I’m always finding heart shaped rocks where ever I walk.  Lets be clear our minds are the most powerful entity in the universe and you don’t actually need to have a physical manifestation of the prosperity, holding a vision of the manifestation is just as powerful.

The Emerald is a perfect stone for this ritual if you desire prosperity in love relationships and if you are seeking a committed relationship .

Write or memorize your intention and remember the universe only understands the positive, for example the words, don’t , can’t, won’t, etc. are viewed as do, can, will, so be careful of the words you use and how you word the work.  This ritual or spell can be done outside or it can be done inside.  I like to do mine inside and make a semi permanent alter so the intentions can be worked again at regular intervals.

Step 1:  Cast a Circle

Step 2:  Light a candle on your alter

Step 3:  Slowly place the items you have gathered on the alter.  If you are holding the intention in your mind slowly review the mental picture bit by bit           reviewing every detail.

Step 4: Once everything is arranged as you desire. Raise your arms to the Goddess and say: I give these intentions to you so they may be sent out to the universe and return to me in the form of prosperity. So mote it be or Make it So !  Open yourself up to receiving the gifts the Goddess provides in your life visualize actually lifting all the walls you have build that prevents gifts from being bestowed upon you, brick by brick let the walls fall away.

Step 5: Close the circle

Enjoy the Gifts you receive from the Goddess !

So Mote it Be ! Make it So !

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May Birthstone – The Emerald


What is the birthstone for May? 

Rough Emeralds


The Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May and the stone for Taurus and an alternate for Gemini and Aries.  The planets correspondence is Venus and  in antiquity it was also, related to Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, as such the stone became the travelers protection stone.

The Emerald is not the hardest stone around and is very rarely flawless because of this the cut named after it, the ‘emerald cut’ is the best for this stone as it maximizes the character.  Also, it was believed that if you heat an Emerald it will ‘sweat’ and that liquid was considered the elixir of life.

This stone gets its brilliant green color from chromium compounds and is part of the Beryl family.  Deep green Beryl is called Emerald, Pink Beryl is called Moranite, Blue-Green Beryl is called Aquamarine, Yellow Beryl is called Golden Beryl, and Yellow-Green Beryl is called Helodor.  Rarely you can find Red Beryl but very rarely.

Most of Emeralds are  mined in Columbia, South America and have been so for over 400 years but other countries are also mining Emeralds, Mexico and Peru.  India, Zimbabwe, Australia are producing the stone also but in minor amounts.  Synthetic Emeralds are produced in France, Germany and of course the US.  There is a stone referred to as ‘the Oriental Emerald’ they are not Beryls they are a form of Sapphires.

Healing Properties

The Emerald is connected to the 4th Chakra – the heart.  The color of the 4th Chakra is green so if the stone is worn around the neck it should be long enough to reach the area of the heart, and as with all stones to receive the benefits of the stone the skin must be able to come in contact with the stone.  Keep in mind this stone is not the strongest of gems and will chip and crack relative easily, so if worn daily you run the risk of damaging the stone.  This stone brings with it all the qualities of the heart, love romance, joy, faith and faithfulness.     The Emerald also is said to have a calming effect on nerves, so it helps with all nervous disorders such as: Parkinson’s, Multiple Scleroses, Anxiety, nerve pain such as back pain or other neuropathy, and mood disorders.

Mystical Properties

The power of the Emerald is highest in the Full Moon so any work related to love and relationship should include an Emerald in the Ritual. The stone is also considered the stone of prophecy and will bring deep intuition enlightenment when used as a scrying stone.  It is also believed to be a ‘lucky’ stone as in bringing luck to the wearer, lucky in love, lucky in the ways of the heart. The Emerald vibrates with love.

Dreaming of an Emerald is said to profess success, goodness and a impending time of great happiness.

The Emerald holds its qualities very tightly but occasionally you may want to re-charge your stone for cleansing and balancing.  Hold stone under running water – if you have a stream near by that would be ideal but a running faucet is fine also. The Emerald loves to be stored next to other stones of love, ruby, rose quartz, clear quartz.  Exposing your Emerald to the full moon will powerfully charge the stone with the strength of the Goddess.

So Mote it Be !


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New Moon in May

May – New Moon   

May 9th, 2013 5:31 pm or (1731) Mountain Time

What does the New Moon mean?  Scientifically it means the earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon this usually happens once a month, but if it happens twice in a month the second New Moon is called a Black Moon, the next Black Moon will be on March, 30, 2014.

To the naked eye the moon will appear to be dark for three days, and reaches its peak power on the second day. So plan your work on this day when energies are highest.  Traditionally this time of the moon’s cycle is the time of rest, but magickal work can also be done with this theme in mind.

Rituals and spells related to cleansing, or consecrating  sacred spaces are especially effective this time of the month, as well as magickal worked supporting inner harmony and peace.  So in other words this time of the month is designed for rest and inner work and save work for the rest of the world and universe for other moon phases.

The birthstone for May is Emerald and that color is a deep green, this color can mean several different things and given that May is the beginning of spring it can mean earth’s bounty, fertility and prosperity.   I love to preform the “Breaking Down the Wall” ritual for the New Moon in May.


New Moon Breaking Down Walls Ritual:

Before you preform the ritual you need to do some work before hand.  You need to decide in what part of your life you need to be more receptive to allowing the Goddess to bestow her gifts to you.   When we all think of gifts we think we are always open to receiving them.  But if you do some soul searching you will find that you have built walls up around you to protect you from dangers.  These walls also prevent you from recieving gifts.  So, if there is some part of your life you are always wondering why you can’t change then you may  have build a wall that not only keeps things out but also keeps things inside.  In your minds eye search for these walls see them, feel them and bring that with you to the Ritual or Spell.

Step 1:  Cast a Circle

Step 2:  Light a candle and look deeply into the flame become calm and centered.  If you feel you need strong support at this point call on your spirit guides to encircle you in their loving support.

Step 3: Once again visualize these walls you have built.  Notice how strong they are and what a splendid job you did in building them. Notice each brick and each place where mortar holds these walls tall and solid.  Feel the wall with your mind’s hands.  When you are ready slowly reach up and take down a brick and toss it aside.  While you take those bricks down reassure yourself you are loved and supported in this safe place you have made.  Then keep discarding  the wall brick by brick until there is no more bricks to find.

Step 4: Once you have completely removed that wall, take a deep breath and feel how free you feel how easily you can move without that wall.  Then feel the love and compassion that is flowing to you from the Goddess and the universe, feel how worthy you are and how important you are to the whole world how dependent the universe is upon you and visa-versa.  Ask (either out loud or in your mind)  the Goddess for your gift  that you were meant to have in this life.  Take what she gives you and look deeply at the gift and take it into you and your soul.

Step 5: ONLY when you are ready close the circle.  It is very important to make completely sure you are well grounded and feel absolutely safe before you close the circle and release your spirit guides.

Step 6 (optional): If you desire you might want to write down the gifts you did received from the Goddess to reflect upon at a later point.

Enjoy the Gifts you received from the Goddess !!

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The Devil and Witches

Do Witches Worship the Devil?

NO, we do not !

First of all the Devil is strictly a creature from Judeo-Christian religions.  The Devil is not something that fits into Witchcraft or Paganism, because of one



 basic belief:

We believe that nothing is purely bad and nothing is purely good; one cannot exist without the other. Much like the Yin-Yang Symbol – light and dark coexist in to one united entity , where you find light you will also find dark and where you find dark you will also find light.

Take for instance the elements:

Fire – it warms us, it cooks our food which are good things, but it can all burn us, damage our homes, etc… that is bad.  So with the good there is also bad and visa versa.

Water – it nourishes our bodies, washes away impurities,  the bringer of life, we play in water, but it can also turn dangerous  in an instant.

AND we can follow that through to Air and Earth.

The first reference to the Devil was from Roman soldiers that were attempting to invade the island that’s now called England.  During one early attempt they were firmly defeated by the natives of the southern part of the island.  They took home stories of men with horns on their heads that unmercifully destroyed the Roman armies. They created a horrific creature to lessen the wounds of being beaten by the ‘heathens.’   If not ruled by the Devil how else could they have won the battle?  This is where the connection between the Pagans and the Devil began.   Of course the Church had their own reasons for wanting to destroy any opposition to their reign, so propagating that belief was beneficial for many reasons.  A belief that has lasted 2 thousand years.  So to quote a great movie, “There’s no Devil in the Craft.”

God Pan

The Horned God

Frequently the God Pan, is thought of as t he ‘Devil’.  But quite honestly this is just a tall tale made to fit into another religions Pantheon.  The God Pan is the God of nature, the protector of the flock,  he was first identified in Greek Mythology and is closely in some neo-pagan circles also thought of as the the Horned God which is the mate of the Goddess.  The picture shows Pan or the Horned God working with the element of Fire in nature in a very protective stance.

So once again there is  - Devil in Witchcraft; so release that rumor into the universe as it is not an energy that is serving us on our journey.

So Mote it Be! (Make it So!)

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Taurus- Astrological Sign


Taurus. The Bull 

Taurus – The Bull

This sign for Taurus, represents people who are born between April 20th - May 20th, the ruling planet is Venus, and the birthstone is Emerald and they are a Earth Sign.

As you can see from above the zodiac Taurus is a grounded sign, that is guided by love, but they have a stubborn streak a mile wide.  They like things to be comfortable and dislike moving outside their comfort zone.  The Bull works towards having financial comfort and emotional happiness.  They appear to be calm and collected but still waters run deep and if you spend time with a Taurus you will find as social as they are there is also a part of them that relishes being apart from the crowd and you will only get as close as they allow you to get.

Tangible security is what the Bull strives to attain and tangible security is something that won’t change because change is something that the Taurus dislikes.  They like comfort and knowing things are and will remain comfortable.  The picture of the bull working hard for work sake must be thrown out as that is not what this Bull likes and will avoid it all together.  But working for a goal that will attain him stability in the end is the picture you can count on.

The person born in the sign of Taurus is a realist and will never be mistaken for an idealist.  He is looking for an opportunity to achieve his end result.  But this sign isn’t necessarily an ambitious sign, they are satisfied being in the back ground not in the fore front.  He is the investor, the accountant, the millionaire housekeeper, the billionaire window washer.

Their natural skepticism causes them to doubt anything outside the tangible, if you can’t hold it in  your hand it doesn’t exist.  So mysticism is completely out of the question.  Which is the reason why my son explains to others what I do is “Some sort of Mumbo Jumbo”  and shakes his head complete with eye roll.  My Taurus son is also an energy healer, which if you as you read this you might find goes against his core, but you would be very wrong as his healing is something he can quite literally ‘hold in his hand’.  But other mystical ideas he can’t feel or doesn’t personally experience are completely idealistic and ‘mumbo jumbo’.  I have no illusions that it is very likely NO Taurus will ever read this post since astrology falls into the ‘mumbo jumo’ category.

Relationships with Taurus are approached much in the same way as other parts of his life.  They want to know a lot about you – check your references if you will – before venturing into any kind of ‘risky’ behavior.  They are sensual, kind and considerate but with a healthy dose of cynicism attached.  Behind the chocolates and roses expect them to be checking to see how stable of a life you lead.  Because as we already know the Bull doesn’t like change and if he lets you in he or she wants to know you will be staying around, otherwise why risk it.   The Bull is a physical sign and needs the physical touch the caress and the passionate love making.  They are possessive not in a jealous way just in a ‘that priceless painting is mine and keep your hands off of it’  kind of way.   They want to hold your hand and cuddle on the couch.  If there are issues in your relationship that you must talk about keep it down to earth and solid.  The idea of  ’undercurrents’ or inferences are foreign ideas to them and will lead to confusion for the Taurus.  Say what you mean and make it something he or she can hold their hand.   The patience the Bull has, can at times can seem never ending but don’t be fooled once mad they are physical – the proverbial ’bull in a china closet’.  Smash the china, punch the wall, throw the chair, kick the couch – its best to stay out of their way until they calm themselves down.  I always tell my son, “I’ll be on the porch.”  That way the Bull knows you are still there just not ‘there,’ and the panic of loss or change doesn’t complicate the situation.

The Taurus loves quality, and that goes for food, drink, and their surroundings  which can sometimes lead to over indulgences. The average Bull will be well fed, not obese.  They don’t usually enjoy eating for the sake of eating they like to enjoy the flavor and smell of their food.  Quality is the word for the Bull if it isn’t of high quality then they will rather not have it.  You will find they tend to have a more understated home and environment.  A few high quality pieces are more highly valued than a whole home of cheap furnishings.  Example:  My son would rather walk than ride a ‘cheap’ bicycle.  Point of fact he won’t even acknowledge ‘cheap’ ones as bicycles he calls them toys.  This is a fine example of the Bulls “Achilles heal”, they can sometimes be fooled by beauty and not value other aspects that are not related to physical beauty.  For Taurus can sometimes find themselves a prisoner of their desires and not be able to see the forest for the trees.

You may perceive the Taurus is childlike in their simplistic view of life, to them life is black and white, good people are good and bad people are bad, there are no shades of grey.  The beauty of the Taurus is their ability to live in the here and now, they relish in what is happening now and never or hardly ever worry.  The past is the past and the future will never be; all any of us have is right NOW.   If you mistake this attitude as immaturity you are sadly wrong, this is the kind of life view we all strive for in our daily lives.

Enjoy the Bull in your life !

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Beltane – A Pagan Festival

Beltane – A Pagan Festival

What is May Day about? 

Every May 1st when the rest of the world is celebrating “May Day” the pagan community is celebrating  Beltane, a pagan holiday.    This holiday dates back as far as the human race.  Beltane predates all known history of May Day.  Celebrating the return of the Sun from its long sleep was paramount for our ancestors and is as important to modern man as well.  Many religions have co-oped the date and themes but applied strict control over these holidays, Easter, May Day, Passover, Good Friday, Shavuot, all of these have relevance to celebrating spring, and/or the rebirth of the Sun.

Organically we have created our own spring celebrations that are not related to the stifling religious holidays.  Two new spring holidays have emerged that are completely secular but celebrate the spring in a way that soothes our souls: Earth Day and 4-20 celebrations.  Both of these holidays have the same basic theme, joyful exuberance and expressing our love for our Mother Earth.    Beltane is not much different than those holidays  and in fact is the ‘Mother’, if you will of all of these  spring celebrations.    Joyful exuberance, frolicking and dancing, expressing love for our Mother Earth, bonfires, etc., are all part of Beltane.  Lets be clear Beltane is not to be confused with a Pagan Easter, Ostara or the Vernal Equinox.  As you will see many of the ancient Pagan Holidays coincide closely with current accepted US holidays or as some would say the Christian Holidays.

Beltane Fire Festival

Often Beltane festival starts the night of April 30 with a huge bonfire for the adults, joyful exuberance, good-natured fun, and play are accepted as the norm for this part of the holiday.  It was expected that all marital bonds were suspended at this time of the year and those who wanted went off with whomever they choose to celebrate the fertility of the season.

The next morning,  the first day of May , everyone came back together as a community and continued the celebration of various rituals to rejoice for the turning of spring into summer and the fertility all life on Earth.   Various rituals, feasts and games were performed during this holiday.

May Day Pole Festival

The May Pole dance is the most recognizable of the rituals, games or dances.   Many ribbons were tied to the top of the May Pole and during this dance the pole was then decorated with ribbons.  Quite honestly the pole itself is a phallic symbol for male energy and the pole is placed into the ground representing the Earths Womb thus female energy.    The May Day Dance would start with men and women grasping the ribbons by the end and following a predetermined dance step around the pole decorating the pole in a beautiful weave thus creating an extension of the womb of the earth.  Women wore flower’s in their hair, like a crown; men wore various power animal symbols, such as horns on their heads or other head dresses.

Duality is paramount in Pagan Ceremonies.  All pagan rituals acknowledge the Pagan Goddess and the Pagan God , there cannot be one without the other.  Much like the Buddhist symbol of yen and yang, there can be no dark without the light and there is dark within light and light within dark. In witchcraft both male and female energies are necessary for balance so all rituals, celebrations and spells much have both entities to be balanced, and as we all know an unbalanced ritual or spell is also unstable, too much of one thing is not good.

ribbonsWhen you celebrate this holiday, whether in a group or alone listen to your intuition.  If you stop to listen to how you truly want to celebrate this holiday you can’t go wrong.   instinctively you will be drawn to the outdoors, you will be drawn to feasting,  and play.   I frequently  meditate with the holiday’s theme in my mind and organically I am drawn to its individual energies.  You will find your spirit guides will lead you in the correct direction, and you will also ‘know it’ deep in your soul.  There is no right or wrong way to celebrate any witchcraft/pagan holiday, except if you just plain ignore it.

Enjoy !!

Happy May Day !

Happy Beltane !

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April Birthstone – The Diamond

What is the birthstone for April?


The Diamond is April’s birthstone, and it is also the stone of Aries, Leo, and Taurus.

The Diamond is one of the hardest stones on earth and is four times harder than the next hardest minerals – sapphire and ruby.  However, even as hard as it is it can still be broken, there are four directions that a diamond can be broken and a skilled (diamond cutter – find word)  knows this and uses it to their advantage during shaping of the diamond.  The setting of the diamond is important as it will  protect it from exposing these four directions to damaging forces.

The Birthstone Colors

The diamond is arguably an exotic and rare gem of the earth that comes in many different colors from clear, to yellow, red, pink, blue, green and even black.  Generally, the intensity of the color is mild but on rare occasions it can be intense and that intensity will increase the value of the stone.  The colored stones are highly desirable. Sometimes colors are induced in the laboratory and are aptly names ‘color treated diamonds’.

yellow diamond


Mining for diamonds is done mainly in South Africa, but other countries in Africia, Russia, Australia, and even some parts of the US are mined also.  Generally diamonds are found  in a rock called Kimberlite. The Kimberlite,  once found is crushed between giant steel rollers and the rock is reduced to rubble but the hardness of the diamond leave them intact which makes separation of the two fairly easy.


Mystical & healing properties of the Diamond are vast and all encompassing.  Many call this stone the miracle stone as it supports and strengthens all the energy centers of the body and is closely associated with the 7th chakra or the crown chakra.  The gem helps one get in touch with their higher self and strengthens your spiritual connection.   This stone promotes courage and strength of focus and clear thinking.  It will help also strengthen feelings but be careful, as it will intensify ALL feelings good and bad.  The diamond will also protect the wearer from any harmful energy directed at them by reflecting the energies back to the sender.

No need to charged or cleansed the diamond, its hardness prevents it from absorbing any energy whether harmful or helpful.  The Ancient Greeks named it “adamas” which literally means invincible.  The Diamond has a projective energy and astrology correspondence is with the Sun and Venus; so it has both female and male characteristics.

The stone, in ancient times, was prized in a tumbled form, however not until the discovery of how to ‘facet’ the stone was the true magnificence reveled.   The sparkle and prism effect of this stone is truly breathtaking and the famous Persian poet Hafiz remarked, “The rainbow is confined in it forever.”   The quality of the diamond is judged by the “four C’s” which are cut, color, clarity and carat.  It is rumored that diamonds with defects or cracks can weaken the wearer.  The facets are so clear scrying with the stone is not only possible but remarkably profound.

Like with all stones for the wearer to receive the most benefit from the diamond be sure to wear it so the stone can be in direct contact with the skin and on the left hand and/or around the neck.

The different colors of the diamond also bring slightly different benefits:

Yellow Diamond:  Consideration and Thoughtfulness.

Blue Diamond:  Willpower for better health.

Pink Diamond:  Creativity

Black Diamond:  Honest self-discovery



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April Full Moon

April 25th

April’s Full Moon – Esbat

She Rises at 8:06 pm on April 25th, 2013

There are many names for each Full Moon in any given  month and that is dependent upon which Archetype you follow.   Even with in Wicca there are differing names for the Full Moons.   The shear idea that we name the moons makes it obvious that we know deep in our souls that the Moon has special significance and power in our lives.  If you go to an Emergency Room you may hear on a busy night a nurse exclaim, “It must be a Full Moon.”  We instinctively  know the power the Full Moon has on our earth and on us.

the triple goddess moon

The Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone

The moon regulates the flow and ebb of the ocean, the giver of life.

In Witchcraft we believe that the moon is the Goddess and the Sun is the God.   The sign for the Goddess is three moons  in Her waxing phase – Maiden, in Her full phase Mother, and  in Her waning phase – Crone.  She is the giver of life, the reason we are all here.

Names of the April Full Moon

In Medieval England She was called the Seed Moon, Neo Pagan’s call Her the Awakening Moon,  Celtic tradition call Her the Growing Moon,  Cherokee call Her the Flower Moon,  Farmer’s Almanac call Her the Pink Moon and Some have called her  the Planter’s Moon and the Rain Moon.

Whatever  name you give Her this time of year can be turbulent sunshine one minute and rain/snow the next.  All around you see, springs new shoots, robins returning , trees budding, yellow and purple crocus all showing off.  There is no mistaking it the earth is pregnant with new life that is ready to burst forth.  Fertility is theme of this moon.  Its time to sow the seeds of magick in your mind, your heart, and your garden.  If you haven’t already cleansed the area for your magical garden now it the time.  The planning phase is coming to a close and the time for action is at hand.  Plant your garden, either physically or metaphorically.  Plant seeds of  your new growth for the year.  Consecrate the seeds, fill them with love and the power of reproduction then plant them in fortified clean earth.

Estbat -  rituals are perfect for this Full Moon – Magickal rituals are most effective during a full moon. The three days of the Full Moon are the most magickal.  Plan your work during these times of the month.

Seed Empowering Ritual

This is a simple ritual that can have deep meaning.  I do all my Full Moon Rituals out side in full view of our Goddess. I can feel her power better that way.

Cast your circle

Light the incense - I use Marigold and Cedar as they both have fertility magick

Stand in Goddess position and say:     Earth Mother of all creation fill us (me) with your presence, So that as we (I) sow our seeds they find nourishment and love to grow and bear fruit. 

Place seeds (physical or metaphorical) in your hands and hold up to the Full Moon and say:   These seeds are part of you and part of me let them go forth and thrive.  Let these seeds feel divine love flow through them as it flows through us (me) right now.  May they feel this love and nourishment as their roots grow deep into the earth and may the Sun provide warmth and love to their leaves and may they flourish.  So Mote it be (Make it so!)

Repeat as needed for all seeds to be fortified.

Before placing seeds in containers let the incense of the Marigold and Cedar envelop them 

Close your circle


What you need:

  • Seeds you want to plant (actual or metaphorical)
  • Containers to hold seeds before and after
  • Incense of your choice (marigold and cedar)


So Mote it be !


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April New Moon


New Moon

April – New Moon   

April 10th, 2013

What does the New Moon mean?  Scientifically it means the earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon this usually happens once a month, but if it happens twice in a month the second New Moon is called a Black Moon, the next Black Moon will be on March, 30, 2014.

To the naked eye the moon will appear to be dark for three days, and reaches its peak power on the second day. So plan your work on this day when energies are highest.  Traditionally this time of the moon’s cycle is the time of rest, but magickal work can also be done with this theme in mind.

Rituals and spells related to cleansing, or consrating sacred spaces are especially effective this time of the month, as well as magickal worked supporting inner harmony and peace.  So in other words this time of the month is designed for rest and inner work and save work for the rest of the world and universe for other moon phases

New Moon Ritual

This is a family fun ritual. This ritual is best done outside with the moon is in full view.  Start when the sun is setting then look for the new moon.  Challenge your children or yourself to find the new moon and celebrate when She is found.

  • Cast a circle and create a sacred space

Look west, say good-bye to the Sun, then turn to the moon, and welcome the new moon

Hold your white candle high to the new moon and say

Our Mother Goddess of all Welcome

Our hearts sing at the sight of your lovely face

A new cycle begins a new beginning for all the earth

We say goodbye to the old and welcome the new

We embrace the love and healing energies of the universe holding them close to our heart

  • Place a white pillar candle in the center of the circle and light it, you can decorate the area and/or the candle with silver and black ribbon
  • Place Blessing Oil in your hand so it can be warmed

Turn to the east and hold a hand mirror so you can see the moon behind you and say:

Goddess, may your wisdom and love guide us

May your protection flood over us during this month

May I feel your loving hand guiding and protecting me

May you feel my gratitude all month long.

Place the mirror under the candle and take a moment to reflect on how you can nurture yourself on a daily basis.

Take the warmed Blessing Oil and anoint each others forehead and say:

May the blessings of our Blessed Goddess be with you

Close the circle when you are ready

 What You Need

  • A moon candle
  • A mirror
  • Blessing Oil

Mote it be ! (Make it so!)



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Pagan Holidays – Sabbath & Esbat

What is the difference between a Sabbath and an Esbat?

A Sabbath is officially a Pagan Holiday.  There are high holidays and there are lessor holidays.  The two High Pagan Holiday are Samhain, and Beltane, the lesser holidays are Imbolic, Ostara, Litha, Lammas, Mabon.

  • Samhain (Halloween) – is the Witches new year October 31st
  • Yule (Winter Solstice) – is the longest night of the year, the Sun will be returning all days are longer from here on out)
  • Imbolic - February 2nd - rejoicing in the light
  • Ostara (Vernal Equinox) – returning of the spring the Pagan Easter – day when the light and dark is equal
  • Beltane (May Day) – a day of fire and fertility
  • Litha (Summer Solstice) – a day to celebrate the summer
  • Lammas (Lughnasadh) August 2nd – the first harvest holiday of the year
  • Mabon (Autumnal Equinox)  - second harvest holiday – give thanks to the green man a day where the light and dark is equal

An Esbat are performed on a Full Moon but can also be done on a New Moon.  Esbat’s during the Full Moon is time is to preform dedications,  all sorts of magickal work, rituals, and spells.


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What is a Pentagram?

What is a pentagram?

simple pentagram

This Paganism Symbol has held much mystery over the years and some have likened it to a sign of the Devil – the drums rolls, crash of cymbals and presto the pentagram is revealed !  EEK !! There must  be a baby killing Devil worshiping cult present ! Hunt them down before they strike again. That is the Hollywood meaning.   But what is the REAL meaning behind this Pagans symbol?

First and foremost it is a five pointed star with a circle around it and it has become a witchcraft symbol.   In Witchcraft we draw the symbol starting with a straight line left to right then down at a left  angle then up to the top point, next down slightly to the right and then up and end where you began, draw circle clockwise around all of it.  The pentagram is used sometimes in rituals/spells to bring its power to bear on your work.  The point is ALWAYS to point up, so we never loose the point of our journey.  Once you learn this you will see them ‘wrong’ every where and if you are anything like me it will bother you. :)

Sometimes you will see the pentagram drawn upside down. inverted pentagram  These are the ones you see on TV dripping in blood on some burned out old house wall.   We all have heard of ‘black magick’ or ‘black witchcraft’ and historically this symbol is used for dark intentions.  Let me be clear these people have lost the point of their journey and we witches believe in the Three Fold Law.  What you put out into the universe you will get back three fold.  So if you put out healing loving energy you will get back three times the love and the healing energy you sent out.  If you send out hateful harmful energy you will get back three times the hateful harmful energy.  You are completely responsible for how your energy goes out into the universe and are totally responsible for it ramifications.

Enough of the icky stuff.  Lets look at the symbol.  Five pointed star (pointing up) with a circle around it.  The points represent the four elements and the fifth point represents us, our soul, and the circle binds them all together.


 This is a beautiful representation of the pentagram.  The top point reflects our soul, the next left point reflects the element of water, the next point to the left reflects the element of fire , the next one to the left reflects the element of earth, around the circle the next one in line is the element of air.  If you look closely at the picture you will find words describing the characteristics of the elements.

Water – Divine, Eternity, Wisdom, Motions

Fire – Passion, Knowledge

Earth – Stability, Body, Truth

Air – Creativity, Love

That is a small list of what the elements represent but it is a good list.  The circle around all the elements and you, reflect our connectedness to our universe, the four elements, and our soul, none can function without the other.  Now I completely understand that our Blessed Mother Earth would function extremely well without us on her, but none the less we are connected to every energy in our universe.

If you can take away one thing from this post please take the fact that we are all connected physically and energetically to everything in our universe.

Mote it Be ! (Make it so!)


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Full Moon Phase – 2013 – 2014

When is the next Full Moon? 

Full Moon Phases – 2013 – 2014





(Mountain Time)




(Mountain Time)





















Paschal Full Moon









































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New Moon Phases – 2013 – 2014

When is the next New Moon? 

New Moon Phases – 2013 – 2014





(Mountain Time)




(Mountain Time)















30th (Black Moon)
















































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Aries – Astrological Compatibility


Here is a list of astrological signs and how they interact with Aries.  We all know that each of us are individuals and can manifest any personality characteristic  that we choose.  However, what we are talking about is a deep down primal drive not superficial ones to each zodiac signs. So the question of compatibility is subjective in as much as the superficial characteristics but the primal ones are fixed not subject to change.   I have added the corresponding horoscope symbols to these sections.


Astrology Compatibly - with Aries 


Aries, The Ram

Aries & Aries 

What’s better than being at the bottom of a mud  hole head first (rams always lead with their head)?  Being in the mud hole head first with a friend!  Imagine what happens when fire meets fire.  It grows hotter and bigger.   After the honeymoon effect of kindred spirits wears off that is when the fun really begins.   The decision to keep bashing away head to head and create war is theirs to decide.  Since compromise and cooperation are foreign ideas to them, there may be a more black and white way to manage the two rams.  Splitting the decision-making might be the answer, either by days of the week or by events.  If there isn’t a clear decision made they will continue to bash heads and have wars. Not a pretty sight if logic is ignored.

Aries & TaurusAries & Taurus

This is where determination and stubbornness meet.  The Aries wants action, crusades, fires, drama and the Taurus wants calmness, solitude sure things, and stability.   However, sometimes it beneficial to knock around (literally) with characteristics you lack.  The Taurus will feel emphatic and tolerant of the Aries, which the Aries may mistake for weakness until they knock heads.   The Aries may find the down to earth view of the world comforting but will chafe under the tendency to be pessimistic.  Once again a conscious decision will need to be made as to who will decide what in order to minimize head bashing.

Aries & GeminiAries & Gemini

These two signs love a crusade and they are also very idealistic, this combination makes a wonderful connection in the beginning until the interests shift into another direction.  Both of these signs are children at heart and someone needs to be a grown up in the relationship   They feed of each others drive for independence and freedom and creativity which can reach a dizzily dramatic crescendo.   The Aries wants to run in head first and the Gemini wants to analyze it this is where the two can get into trouble.  The Aries wants to drive the lead pony but the Gemini is content not even noticing there is a lead pony which can infuriate the Aries sense of competitiveness.  The Aries competitive nature can become overt in this relationship as the  Aries try to  compete with both Gemini’s twins.  This relationship is not impossible it just become very crowded and complicated.

Aries & CancerAries & Cancer

These tow signs repel each other so more often than not they find themselves in an unavoidable relationship such as, Parent – Child, Employee – Boss, coworkers.  The busyness of the Ram causes the Cancer to be off balance and frustrated.  To the Cancer if they would just slow down and think things through things would be much better.  To the Ram the methodical meanderings of the Crab are a sign of weak mindedness.  Both signs however are capable of deep sensitivities and each sign sees that in each other, which is, a common thread they can build upon.  This relationship can have some very profound financial grounds but the valleys are deep and at times may indeed be insurmountable.  Some deep compromises and understanding must take place for this relationship to proceed and let us remember neither of these things are natural abilities in either sign.


Aries & LeoAries & Leo

Let’s just cut to the chase literally  is there enough room at the top for both of them? That question must be answered if this relationship will prosper.  Now, it’s a matter of distance,  if they are vying for the top at school or work or some other place where there is room for two top performers then all is well in the valley.  If however they are trying to reach the throne in an apartment or home then there will not be a happy home.  When two massive egos collide there will be fire from the Ram because the Lion is to far above any discourse of this nature, after all the Lion knows he was born for greatness and there is no sense arguing over it.  However, if the wily Aries learns to pamper and preen the Leo there is nothing more enjoyable as a well-groomed Lion.  Preening others is not a trait that some naturally to the Ram.


Aries & VirgoAries & Virgo

There are not two signs more opposite than these two.  The Ram likes to generalize, details are boring, and they like to jump in headfirst and learn as they go.  The Virgo is meticulous, likes to get the details, and love to think things though before acting.  There you have it opposites.  Opposites do attract sometimes where these two meet is their desire to help others.  However, their reason for helping is completely different.  The Virgo will help to prevent things from spiraling into chaos where the Ram will help for the pure satisfaction of the cause.   The Virgo will do what needs to be done and off to the next project never wanting nor waiting for praise that surely won’t come anyway because that’s just a human nature.  The Aries won’t wait too long for praise either but will be deeply hurt if praise isn’t received quickly for a job well done.  Even things like temper are opposite in these two signs.  The Ram will stomp around making loud raucous noise when they are angry, then be done with it.  The Virgin will quietly seethe, and  remove themselves from the situation for a fear of irrational behavior that could cause chaos.  This will further infuriate the Ram so she will chase you around the grocery store making sure everyone there knows she is mad at YOU, as you the Virgo trying desperately to keep things from going wildly out of control.   Oops…. I just let my slip show here.  Yes, I am a Virgo and my oldest Daughter is an Aries.  It has been difficult for both of us but we keep trying sometimes harder than others because in the end we love each other and we can see the good as well as the bad ourselves. OK, maybe I do that kind of analyzation she just knows she has a bat sh*t crazy Mom she has to put up with!! :)


Aries LibraAries – Libra

In this relationship, the Aries is completely enamored with the Libra, they will use their gift of gab and charm the socks right off the ram.  These two could have an argument and the Ram will never know they didn’t win, which is plays exactly into the Rams need to win. But the Ram may become frustrated with the Libra when making decisions as the Aries wants to dive head first into the nearest direction the Libra wants to weigh all the options.  This may cause Libra to declare that Aries is being childish and foolish but they say it in a way that the Ram may think it’s a compliment.  Sometimes the Ram’s impulsiveness will cause Libra normally calm and cool to spark in an effort to regain calm and balance gain, in this case Libra may feel the ends justify the means, which the Ram will normally agree with that point.  Both signs find qualities in each that are admirable and overall they will find this relationship very rewarding.


Aries ScorpioAries – Scorpio

What’s not to love about two signs ruled by Mars coming together?  To say that these two are warriors, that’s accurate but to assume they will be in a symbiotic dance is short sighted.  These two are very different in the approach.  Where the Ram will run head long into a war the Scorpion will withdraw and watch for weakness and when weakness is found they will strike with deadly precision.  With Scorpio as my Ascendant sign I know this tactic very intimately.  Will I purposely carelessly attack? NO, however will I end a war that was started by someone else ? Most definitely!  The Ram leads with feelings, aggression, and sometimes blindly hoping that if he bashes his head against what is in his way it will relent.  The Scorpion will watch and learn the enemy learning things that person may not even be aware of themselves.  Then when the time is right: the strike will be final.  The Scorpion has a long memory and even longer streak of patience.   Because Aries is in tune with their ‘gut’ feeling they have a healthy fear of Scorpio and this sign will be the only one the Ram will not push to win at all costs.  Truth be told most astrological signs have a fear of Scorpio’s.  It may be our skulking or our intense stare but most often than naught it is something more primal.   If this relationship is important to both the Ram and the Scorpion they will need to learn when to relent.  Letting go of slights or jabs is not in either one’s nature but can in my experience be learned by deciding if this is really a ‘hill you want to die on.’


 Aries & SagittariusAries – Sagittarius

These two are fast friends; they are two peas in a pod so to speak.  They both love a good crusade and have never hear the words ‘give in’ or ‘give up’ or for that matter ‘a lost cause’, they both feel those are just code for try harder.   When these two are together, be sure to have the cupboard stocked up with bandages; the Ram for the classic ‘leap before you look’ attitude and the Archer because they are just naturally clumsy.  They both lead with their feelings but Sagittarius being slightly more circumspect, than Aries.  I have witnessed this first hand, as my two daughters are Aries and Sagittarius.  Once on a picnic, the two went off to ‘hike’.  I wasn’t long before my Aries came limping up to me with a very large bleeding gash on  her leg telling me I needed to go get my Sagittarius from the bottom of a very large hill she fell down.  As we frantically ran to the area my Aries told me on the way that Sagittarius fell trying to ‘run’ down the very seep hill after my Aries told her it was too steep to run down.  My Aries informed me she received  the gash on her leg  by trying to go ‘after her’ down the hill, but she decided to stop because as she said, ‘someone needed to go get help.’  The good news is they both, survived childhood and are now young adults but bandages were always on the grocery list.   Both signs thrive on ‘telling the truth’ but Aries draws the line when it comes to too much honesty about themselves. The Archer can take all forms of ‘honesty’ gracefully and the Ram does not have the same ability.   So things can get a little dicey when the Sagittarius’s honesty cuts too close to home, which can cause some fireworks.


Aries CapricornAries – Capricorn

The Ram and The Goat.  One would think these two are the same but alas, they are not in any the same any more than the Sun is the same as the Moon.  Aries are busy with crusades and adventures and find mundane day-to-day management of life difficult and boring. The opposite is true for the Goat they enjoy planning and organizing life it gives them a sense of stability which they love.   Aries is spontaneous where Capricorn is more stable and sure-footed.   The goat is born old and gradually becomes younger and more carefree as they age and the Ram are childlike throughout their lives.   A young Capricorn makes Aries very nervous indeed, with all their planning and ambition, however, an older Capricorn is delightful to Aries.


 Aries & AquariusAries – Aquarius 

These two signs are very similar in their passion for the moment with the bright and shiny.  They both milk the situation for all they can and then move on to the next event.  They vary ever so slightly in their approach where the Ram charges in headfirst the Water-bearer will mill around the edges watching in a more detached manor, but to an untrained eye they will look and behave extremely similar.   They both admire each other’s mannerism and are fast friends it is as if they have known the other in a past life and indeed that may very well be the case.  When these two meet its because of a Karmic debt either one has with the other.  The meeting was planned long before either were born into the sign.  Once these two meet unexpectedly they are usually inseparable either, joyfully joined at the hip or chained together - through the good times and the bad times.  Once they Karmic debt is paid or canceled they will go on their way toward the next adventure.

Aries PiscesAries – Pisces

The Fish has a nice cooling effect on the fiery Ram.  Aries finds the charm of Pisces very alluring. The Fish can be secretive and aloof which can cause Aries to fire up but once again, the guile’s of Pisces will sooth the sparks.  Pisces is a water sign, Aries is a fire sign, and as you well know no matter how high you turn up the lighter it will fizzle out if you dump it into a glass of water.  That being said the Ram sometimes views Pisces as sneaky and this fly’s in the face of the always ever-honest Aries.  However, as a general rule these two signs are mutually compatible.

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Aries – Astrology Sign


Aries – The RamAries, The Ram

This sign represents people who are born March 21st – April 19th, the ruling planet is Mars, and the birthstone is Ruby and they are a Fire sign.

If you notice the theme of Aries is RED and red = passion and aggression   They are designed to live for the thrill of the moment and thrive to be the trail blazer for others.  They are naturally adventurous, active and outgoing.  If you find yourself on a deserted island, or a mountain top chances are you will meet an Aries there as well.  As adventurous and worldly they seem an Aries is interestingly  naive they have a big heart and are very trusting and that can find them in very awkward situations.  However, due to their temperament those situations are turned quickly into opportunities.

Aries is a child at heart and with that comes impatience, and childishness, but also comes the energy and the spirited light-hearted view of the world only a child can see.  Often times others may see the Aries as arrogant but its usually the streak of impatience that morphs into that perception.   Impatience is not limited to others they are also impatient with themselves which can lead down a dark path of self-esteem issues.

They are very physical  and love sports they are built emotionally for competition and that’s where the impatience comes to a useful head.  Their seemingly never ending energy and impatience make them a perfect athlete.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and if you remember what God Mars was named after, he was the God of War.  Naturally the Aries has a frightful temper, now throw in the element of fire and you will have a dramatic display of temper.  The good thing is that the explosion burns itself out very quickly and they don’t usually hold grudges.   The Aries are self-willed and are naively unaware that other people may have different ways of doing things.  They are able to get people to do what they want by the usual explosion and are too impatient to learn why others see things differently.

Aries are brave and when a cause sparks their attention they are the first ones out the door they welcome assistance of others, but its not necessary to them to have support they will gladly just grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground by themselves.  Because of this it is hard for the Aries to understand compromise and cooperation.

The Aries will always have a warrior soul and some choose to stuff that down deep inside but the fire the God of War will exist with in or with out.  If the Aries turns that passion inward they will implode, slowly but surely.   They are sensitive to stress ailments, headaches, ulcers, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness and others that are caused by stress.  However, if they allow themselves to live a passionate fiery life they are meant to live these ailments will go away.

If you live with an Aries you already know that the status quo has nothing to do with them and your life.  They are always off to the next adventure and finding a new  crusade is paramount on their to do list.   You may find yourself always looking up the horoscope for Aries to see whats in store for you life or theirs.


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March Full Moon

March’s Full Moon – Esbat

The Triple Goddess Moon

The Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone

There are many names for each Full Moon phase in any given  month and that is dependent upon which Archetype you follow.   Even with in Wicca there are differing names for the Full Moons.   The shear idea that we name the moons makes it obvious that we know deep in our souls that the Moon phases have special significance and power in our lives.  If you go to an Emergency Room you may hear on a busy night a nurse exclaim, “It must be a Full Moon.”  We instinctively  know the power the Full Moon has on our earth and on us.   The moon regulates the flow and ebb of the ocean, the giver of life.  In Witchcraft we believe that the moon is the Goddess and the Sun is the God.   The sign for the Goddess is three moons  in Her waxing phase – Maiden, in Her full phase Mother, and  in Her waning phase – Crone.  She is the giver of life, the reason we are all here.

Names of the March Full Moon

In Medieval England She was called the Chaste Moon, Neo Pagan’s call Her the Death Moon,  Celtic tradition call Her the Moon of Winds,  Cherokee call Her the Windy Moon,  Farmer’s Almanac call Her the Worm Moon and Some have called her  the Seed Moon and the Sap Moon.

Whichever name you give Her this is the time of year that spring peeks its head up slightly, when the sap in the trees begin to flow, when the earth begins to thaw and the earthworms are seen, when birds return from their migration, and all manner of life begins to sputter again after the long cold winter.

The full moon in March is also how the date for the Christian Holiday Easter is picked.  Its called the  Paschal Full Moon - the first full moon after Ostara or the Spring Equinox.  Easter is on the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon.

This is also the time to mentally prepare for the arrival of the spring, foster seeds of hope and success, get excited about the newness and purity of the spring.  Make yourself and home ready for the new arrivals being born this time of year. Start planing your garden consecrate the earth and the seeds you are planting, for both growing energies and for magickal energies.   This is a perfect time for a cleansing ritual for clearing out the old energies that do not serve you to allow room for new fresh energies to enter.  Make a new besom to use with your home cleansing ritual and besides it is a nice addition to any front door.

Estbat rituals are perfect for this Full Moon – Magickal rituals are most effective during a full moon when they focus on letting go of unwanted influences, divination or protection.   Practicing letting go and allowing is something that I work on every Full Moon.  One ritual I love to perform is aptly called ‘Letting go and Allowing’

Letting Go And Allowing Ritual


Goddess Position

This ritual can be done alone or with a large group of people, but its best done outside or you can use a fireplace.  First its very important to ground yourself for this and all rituals but specifically important for this ritual as you will be working on your inner-self.  Open your circle offer everyone one a piece of paper and a writing instrument (flying wish paper is wonderful for this).  Have each person write one thing that is getting in the way of them enjoying their life,  something they have clung to over the years that isn’t serving them currently, the thing they are ready to let go into the universe.   Keep in mind these energies are NOT good or bad they just do not serve us on the current path we are following and we are ready to let them go.   Fold or scrunch up the papers and place them in a fire proof bowl.   Either place the bowl in the middle of the circle or in a fire place however you have determined will work best.  After you place the bowl filled with everyone’s ‘letting go’ energies take a moment to visualize this energy leaving you and living briefly in the bowl.  You can guide others with this visual if you are doing this as a group, otherwise visualize this yourself.  Take a  few deep cleansing breaths and stand in Goddess Position and say:” Goddess mother of all I release this energy to you, so you may return it back to whence it came.  This energy I was holding onto for so long is no longer serving me and I release it back to you and the universe to use as needed.  In releasing this energy I will allow you and the universe to bring to me the energies that I currently need to further my journey.”  While you are saying these words light the papers on fire and watch the smoke return the energies back to the universe and the Goddess.  Stand in God position and feel the shift of energy in your body, notice how differently you feel after letting go of that energy.  Take some deep cleansing breaths and when you are ready, close the circle.  Do not forget to thank the spirits who came to lend support for this event.  Hail and Farewell, Stay if you will, Go if you must.  So Mote it be  Something worth noting here spells of witchcraft and rituals are the same thing the only difference between the two is the word. In other words a witchcraft spell is a witchcraft  ritual and a ritual is a spell.

Another good ritual for any full moon is – Drawing Down the Moon.  Have fun and enjoy !


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March Birthstone – Aquamarine

What is the Aquamarine?


Large Aquamarine Crystal

The Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March and is considered the rock crystal for the astrological zodiac sign for Pieces, which has the symbol of the fish, this sign is for people with birthdays that fall between February 20th and March 20th.

The Aquamarine gemstone is part of the Beryl family of stones, which include, Emerald, Golden Beryl, and Morganite.  The word Aquamarine is traced back to Latin: aqua marina, which means  ”Water of the sea.” The name aptly describes the most popular the birthstone color, which is a translucent bluish green, but can range in color from greenish-blue, light blue, sky blue, to deep  sky blue.  The color of the Aquamarine is highly sensitive to heat and radiation.  Because of this, you should keep your Aquamarine gemstone out of direct sunlight so as not to fade the precious color from bluish green to clear.  Some very low quality pale stones are frequently heat treated so the color falls more into the standard ‘sea water’ color palate.  One distinctive characteristic of the Beryl family is the long rods of crystal formations that are visible with in the stone, this is a wonderful way to judge the quality of the Aquamarine.  These formations are powerfully evident in the largest Aquamarine ever found named, “Dom Pedro Aquamarine.”  Dom Pedro was discovered in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1910.  It weighed over 50 pounds or 110 kg’s  in its rough-cut state. The stone currently resides in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History.

The largest Aquamarine ever found

Dom Pedro Aquamarine

Aquamarine is also the name of a color – the bluish green color of the Aquamarine gemstone.  The first reference to this word in English was in 1598.

Aquamarine is mined in various places in the earth, Columbia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Brazil. Recently some Aquamarine’s have turned up in a few states in the US.  Wyoming in the Big Horn Mountains near Powder River Pass and in Colorado at the summit of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range.

In antiquity, sailors kept the stone as a symbol of good luck because it was rumored that mermaids kept them in treasure chests deep in the ocean.  In the “Middle Ages’ , many scholars believed the stones reflected the heavens and thus paired the Aquamarine with the planet Neptune.  This planet was named for the Roman God of the Sea both the planet and the God have the symbol ♆, the trident.  This planet tends to blur distinctions and creates unity, however, there is a great deal of idealism associated with the planet Neptune.

Metaphysical Characteristics – Aquamarine 

The Aquamarine has many of the same qualities that are apparent in water, the blurring of distinctions, creation of unity, the flow and ebb of the ocean with the added bonus of increased communication.  The color of the birthstone, the Aquamarine, corresponds to our throat and heart chakras.   The heart chakra is the center of our feelings and emotions – our heart.  The throat chakra is the center of our communication – our voice both literally and figuratively. Consequently, the ability to improve trust, harmony and friendship are born into this stone. The strength of the Aquamarine is improved if immersed in water that is consecrated by the Sun thus creating ‘The Water of the Aquamarine’ used with cleansing and healing.  Because of the qualities of harmony and trust, the Aquamarine makes the ideal wedding gift because this rock crystal brings joy and wealth along with a happy marriage. The Aquamarine is the symbol of peace.

When to use the Aquamarines Healing Power

It is perfect to enhance communication by providing clarity, unity and tranquility, the same feeling you get when you stand on a beach and listen to the wave’s crash to shore.  This is the go to stone to help counteract the effects of poor communication when Mercury goes retrograde.  In order to feel the full force of the stones healing touch the stone must be able to come in contact with your skin.  Its important when  picking out jewelry you look for an open back that allows the stone to touch your skin and provide you with  its natural healing.

Use the stone when issues arise with judgement of others, because it brings on tolerance, clarifies perceptions, clears confusion, and opens up soul-to-soul communication  which mutes all forms of judgment.

The healing power of the Aquamarine are of course symbiotic to the throat and the heart, such as sore throats, laryngitis, swollen glands of the neck, thyroid issues, and thymus glans revitalization  it bolsters the immune system, helps with allergies by calming the overactive poor functioning immune system, corrects voice issues, and speaking problems.

Any issues with the heart are quieted by the Aquamarine, and the heart is more than just an organ.  It calms stress related disorders like anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness and many others caused by stress. It soothes fears and clears away the root of all stress by bringing on feelings of tranquility.

Many feel it reduces the chance of miscarriage by lifting the stress and anxiety that can bring on such an event.

In ancient times, the Aquamarine was used to alleviate all types of eye conditions. They washed the eyes with “The Water of the Aquamarine” to treat all eye disorders.   “The Water of the Aquamarine” is obtained by placing the stone in water that is consecrated by the Sun.

The Aquamarine is perfect for meditation as is clears and shields the aura and helps align the throat and heart chakras.  The stone also clears the mind of extra intrusive thoughts that can interfere with deep meditation once again assisting with all levels of spiritual communication. This stone will help with communication with your spirit guides and assist you to find and communicate with your higher self.  Because spiritual communication is so strong in this stone is is frequently used to enhance your psychic connection to Spirit.

Aquamarine gemstones

Aquamarine gemstones

The strong cleansing properties of the Aquamarine can sometimes become overwhelming to some people because it can create a cathartic event, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.  The key is to work with the stone in small increments daily to gradually accustom yourself  to the strong powers.

The color blue of the Aquamarine is historically the color of spirits, in all major religions the color is held in high esteem being the color of the sky (spirit) and the color of the ocean (creation). Working with the Aquamarine rock crystal can bring about a deeper connection to your higher self and improve your sense of well-being.  The stone can assist you in fine-tuning your intuition which in turn can expand your psychic abilities  and solidify your connection to you spirit guides.  It supports you in clearing out past energies that are holding you back and can create a cathartic event that will further cleanse and strengthen you over all in your spiritual quest.  The Aquamarine can provide aid with spiritual healing  as in soul retrieval and soul repair.  The key is to work slowly towards life changing events with this stone to prevent discomfort.
Enjoy the many qualities of the Aquamarine !

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Pagan Holidays – 2013 thru 2019

Pagan Holidays That Change from Year to Year 2013-2019

Holidays 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Ostara March 20th March 20th March 20th March 20th March 20th March 20th March 20th
Litha June 21st June 21st June 21st June 20th June 21st June 21st June 21st
Mabon September 22nd September 23rd September 23rd September 22nd September 22nd September 23rd September 23rd
Yule December 21st December 21st December 21st December 21st December 21st December 21st December 21st

Pagan Holidays That Stay the Same Every Year

Imbolc Beltane Lammas Samhain
February 2nd May 1st July 30th October 31st


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